DAYSON MS POLYMER SEALANT is a single component elastomeric sealant based on silylated polymers curing under the effect of atmospheric humidity.
DAYSON MS POLYMER SEALANT can be applied with a pneumatic gun or with an industrial pump equipment for coachbuilding and car repairing (underbody protection, wheel passages):

- railway vehicules

- lorries

- buses

- boats

DAYSON MS POLYMER SEALANT can also be used for bonding of PVC floorcoverings (railway vehicules, buses, camping cars...)
* this time is shorter at higher temperature and humidity. So it is necessary to be sure that open time is not excessive. Otherwise, defective bonding could happen.
Substrate preparation:

The substrates must be clean, even, dry, free of dust, oil, grease and any contaminants that could harm bonding. All traces of poorly adherent paints or coatings should be systematically removed beforehand. Clean them if necessary with solution DAYSON, methylethylketone (MEK) or acetone.. Check the compatibility of the solvent used with the substrates. It may be necessary to rub down metal surfaces beforehand. Clean them after rubbing down. Allow the substrate to dry after degreasing. When using solvents, extinguish all sources of ignition and carefully follow the safety and handling instructions given by the manufacturer or supplier.


DAYSON MS POLYMER SEALANT can be applied by a pneumatic gun or with an industrial pump equipment. This product should be used within 24 hours of opening the packaging ; otherwise, the sealant could harden inside. If applied in cold weather, store the packaging at about 20 °C before use. Avoid any contact with non-cured polyurethanes during curing.


Tools should be cleaned with DAYSON, MEK or acetone before the sealant has completely cured. After curing, abrasion is necessary.

12 months in the original, hermetically sealed packagings between 5 and 25 °C
35 kg metal cans and 290 mL cartridges

Not classified as hazardous. Read the material safety data sheet before use.

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